I’ve been involved in the fitness industry since the age of 17, and after 8 years of experience and self-education I have the tools & knowledge to help you not only reach but maintain your health & fitness goals.

Despite what everyone thinks we don’t have a weight loss issue in this country, we have a weight management issue. Thousands of people lose weight every year but rebound and often put it on, plus some.

So, let me help you first reach your goal and then prevent the rebound, after all what you do to lose the weight has to be the same to keep it off. Sustainability is vital. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel just stripping it back to basics and making it as simple as possible and hopefully I can educate you along the way. Let’s find a way to work health & fitness into your life today!


  • Certificate III & IV in fitness

Specializing in:  

  • Weight Management/Loss
  • Lean Muscle Gain
  • Transformations
  • Online Personalised Programming/Nutritional Guidance
  • Client Education